When it comes to accessing wholesale investment opportunities, timing & visibility is everything. 

Potential in scope

Mason Stevens sees all primary deals released to the ASX, with growing market connections, exposure and allocations in overseas capital markets.

Opportunities are fleeting

IPOs, placements and new bond issuances are time-sensitive deals requiring market relationships, scale and dynamic decision-making to capture their full potential.

Value in arbitrage

By accessing primary market deals, the strategy can take advantage of restricted supply/increased secondary market demand to generate asymmetric returns.

A solution for investors seeking:

  • Efficient access to IPO’s, capital raisings, placements, issuances
  • An absolute return product leveraging discounts to market and restricted supply to generate capital growth in the short-term
  • Greater liquidity, visibility and transparency of the traditional IPO & Placement process
  • A standalone source of returns or complement to an existing investment option return objective


The principal objective is to deliver strong investment returns and provide efficient access to IPOs, capital raisings and placements.

Key Features

Benchmark 10% p.a.
Inception date 1 July 2021
Investment universe Australian listed securities, international listed securities, pre-IPO securities, fixed income securities, cash
Number of investments 1-25 securities
Max individual security weighting 98%
Management fee 0.50%
Minimum initial investment AUD25,000
Suggested investment timeframe 3 years
Meet the Team

Vincent Hua 
Patrick Eng
Aaron Rayner
Max Pacella
Jesse Imer

As at 1 July 2021

What to be aware of

Before you make an investment decision, it is important that you understand the risks that can affect your investment being able to meet its objective or retain value. ​

The risks that may impact the Managed Portfolio include, but are not limited to factors such as, market risk, company or security specific risk, liquidity risk and currency risk. ​

Please refer to the Investment Mandate for a full list of potential risks linked to the portfolio.​

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David Hewett

Managing Director, Private Investments

David joined Mason Stevens in 2011. He works with single and multi-family offices and private high net worth investors. His consultative approach enables his clients to make investment decisions based on insight, trust and intelligence. With more than 25 years’ finance experience, David has held senior executive roles within St George Private Clients, ANZ Private and ANZ Investment Bank. He holds a Masters of Business Banking and Finance and Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance from Monash University.