Managed Accounts are a cost-effective and efficient method for investing in a range of asset classes.

Mason Stevens provides access to a broad range of product providers which enables us to structure the most competitive strategies for our clients.

Our investment partners can choose from our range of best-of-breed investment managers or from the portfolios offered by our Mason Stevens Investment Specialists.

Our Managed Account Solutions Offer:

  • Competitive edge – Through administration efficiency, transparency and scale, Managed Accounts can give you the edge needed to build on business success and lead it into the future.​
  • Improved client outcomes – Use our team to create high quality investment portfolios by security in any foreign currency or use managed discretionary portfolios. Real-time (AEST) execution through our in-house dealing capability means greater portfolio efficiencies.
  • Scale & flexibility – Tailor an investment solution to meet your client’s specific risk profile and goals in a scalable way.
  • Cost effective solution – To help manage additional costs, transactions are executed in-house with connections to over 50 dealing and broking partners across the globe.
  • Grow your practice – Portfolio construction across your entire client base to mitigate risk and create practice scale. Gain time back to spend on strategic client needs and grow your practice.
  • Quality SMAs and model portfolios – A carefully selected group of quality domestic & global managers is available. The professionally managed model portfolios on offer provide exposure to various asset classes and strategies.
  • Superior analysis – Our easy to access, invaluable data analytics allow managers to acquire a holistic view of who is invested in their portfolios.

Mason Stevens Dynamic
ETF Portfolio

A low cost actively
managed portfolio with
global exposure