In addition to our sophisticated platform, Mason Stevens aims to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by enabling growth and driving performance outcomes via a truly global and diverse investment offering.

We are leaders in the Managed Accounts space and offer a range of managed account solutions that provide flexibility and functionality in order to best suit your client’s investment objectives.

With access to exclusive IPO’s, direct equities and fixed income securities, managed investments and managed portfolios, our clients can select from a comprehensive menu of multi-asset, multi-currency investment options.

What you gain access to

Managed Accounts

Your models, your way

Create, manage and implement customised investment models for clients. You can choose your own in-house investment expertise or select third party asset managers (or a combination).


Mason Stevens Super

A global superannuation and pension solution

Take control of assets within super and build a diversified portfolio that uses smart technology to manage accumulation, transition to retirement or pension portfolios.


Wholesale Investments

Serving Wholesale and Sophisticated clients

Our investment specialists provide a tailored service that brings together unique investment thinking and opportunity, transparency, and execution to preserve and grow wealth for professional and sophisticated investors.


UK SIPP Account Solution

Take control of what’s been left behind

Mason Stevens has partnered with a UK-based company who offer a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) solution to provide advisers access to these funds via a retail platform.

Mason Stevens Credit Fund

A global, diversified fixed income portfolio
that targets capital stability over the medium


*Wholesale and professional investors (as defined under the Corporations Act 2001).