The Mason Stevens Dynamic ETF Managed Portfolios are a low-cost, actively managed basket of leading global fundamental investment managers with a fundamentally-driven investment process seeking risk-adjusted returns.

Key Features

Benchmark Consumer Price Index
Inception date 21 April 2021
Investment universe Domestic and international ETFs, listed managed funds & cash
Number of investments 5 – 25 (subject to Manager discretion & market conditions)
Max individual security weighting 15%
Rebalancing Investment Manager discretion
Management fee 0.22% p.a.
Currency AUD
Minimum initial investment A$25,000
Suggested investment timeframe 2-5 years + (portfolios vary)
Availability Mason Stevens Global Investment Service
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As at 21 April 2021

A solution for investors seeking:

An actively managed portfolio with global exposure.

A low cost solution

Fundamentally driven investment process

A portfolio of ideas as opposed to a basket of indexes.

  • Fundamentally and thematically driven using forward looking fundamentals and house views to take an active position on the market.
  • Passive index tracking (broad based ~70% of the portfolio), complemented by an active view with sector tilts based on risk profile (focused ~30% of the portfolio).
  • Unconstrained access to the entire ETF universe
  • All holdings selected as top quartile exposures amongst relevant peers.
  • Before you make an investment decision, it is important that you understand the risks that can affect your investment being able to meet its objective or retain value.
  • The risks that may impact the Managed Portfolio include, but are not limited to factors such as market risk, company or security specific risk, and currency risk.
  • Please refer to the Investment Mandate for a full list of potential risks linked to the portfolio.

Hypothetical Managed Portfolio Allocations

The Model Portfolio Asset Allocations displayed above are hypothetical and are illustrative of the “target” allocations in the Mason Stevens Dynamic ETF Model Portfolios.

How are the portfolios managed?

Mason Stevens are the Investment Managers and control the asset allocation decisions

Individual ETF investment management is outsourced to ETF providers

Quarterly Investment Committee to discuss economic outlook, sector views and risk management

Daily management and observation of market/portfolio exposure


David Hewett

Managing Director, Private Investments

David joined Mason Stevens in 2011. He works with single and multi-family offices and private high net worth investors. His consultative approach enables his clients to make investment decisions based on insight, trust and intelligence. With more than 25 years’ finance experience, David has held senior executive roles within St George Private Clients, ANZ Private and ANZ Investment Bank. He holds a Masters of Business Banking and Finance and Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance from Monash University.