Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by enabling growth through providing a truly universal and unique investment offering via a sophisticated investment service.

A genuinely global and diverse investment offering

Access to an open investment universe brings opportunity and flexibility to drive performance outcomes.

From direct equities and fixed income securities to exclusive IPO’s, managed investments to managed portfolios, Mason Stevens clients have access to a comprehensive list of multi-asset, multi-currency investment options.

We provide access to specialist investment options managed by our own asset management team, as well as a select group of investment partners.

What you gain access to

Extensive Equity Offering

Access a comprehensive universe of direct equities and managed products

Our live trading desk delivers timely execution on direct domestic and international equities, whilst our diverse range of SMA’s and managed portfolios deliver professionally managed solutions.


Fixed Income Specialists

Diversify your approach to generating income

We believe investors should have access to high grade domestic and global fixed income assets that deliver reliable income, within a diversified portfolio.

Managed Accounts

Your models, your way

One of the main features of our managed account service is the ability for individual firms to create, manage and implement customised investment models for clients. Whether you choose to utilise your own in-house investment expertise or select third party asset managers (or a combination), the choice is yours.


Wholesale Investments

Serving Wholesale and Sophisticated clients

With an unlimited investment universe at our fingertips, we have the capability to offer wholesale investments to professional and sophisticated investors*. Our investment specialists provide a tailored service that brings together unique investment thinking and opportunity, transparency, and execution to preserve and grow wealth.


Mason Stevens Global Investment Service

Next generation administration to turn opportunity into reality

Our platform is a contemporary investment administration solution built to help create investment portfolios. The platform is a scalable and efficient investment administration service across all asset classes, making it one of the most comprehensive multi-asset, multi-currency investment administration solutions in Australia.


Mason Stevens Super

A truly global superannuation and pension solution

Take control of assets within super and build a diversified portfolio that uses smart technology to manage accumulation, transition to retirement or pension portfolios.


UK SIPP Account Solution

There are over one million UK expatriates living in Australia, most of whom will have invested towards their retirement through a pension fund or similar, before moving abroad

Mason Stevens has partnered with a UK-based company who offer a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) solution to provide advisers access to these funds via a retail platform.


*Wholesale and professional investors (as defined under the Corporations Act 2001).