Mason Stevens
27 Jun, 2024

With the evolving role of financial platforms and their growing impact on wealth practices, Tim Yule, our CEO, shares insights on how platforms like Mason Stevens can transform the growth and efficiency of financial advice firms.

Navigating the Financial Landscape: Industry Challenges and Insights

The financial advisory industry is at a crossroads, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Several insights to help advisers navigate this complex landscape:

  1. Operational Variance Across Practices: The efficiency of advice practices varies widely. Many manage their administration in-house or non-discretionarily, which can lead to inefficiencies and undercharging for services. However, more efficient and profitable businesses may find opportunities to acquire these less efficient practices, driving growth in the medium term. Advisers should evaluate their operational efficiency and consider their potential to capitalise on acquisitions.
  2. Demographic Shifts: With an ageing population and a shortage of new advisers entering the industry, the demand for quality financial advice is set to increase. This demographic shift could drive up prices or lead to technological advancements that reduce service costs, presenting a unique opportunity over the next three to four years. Advisers should assess their readiness to seize this opportunity and scale their practice.
  3. Influx of Capital: The financial services and advice sector is experiencing a significant influx of capital, particularly from the United States, driving up practice valuations. This capital injection, combined with a fragmented and inefficient market, offers a prime opportunity for business owners to scale up and enhance revenue growth. Advisers should consider whether their practice is positioned to attract and effectively utilise this influx of capital.

Beyond Functionality: Understanding Platform DNA

When evaluating platforms, it’s essential to look beyond functionality and consider the DNA of the platform—the people, their motivations, and their driving forces. This perspective can reveal potential partners that align well with a practice’s values and goals.

Many practices are adopting a multi-platform strategy to tailor solutions to different client profiles, a trend likely to continue. Mason Stevens focuses on helping wealth practices stand out by providing access to diverse investments and expertise to aid business growth. We offer real-time execution on domestic and international equities trading across 55 exchanges and 15 currencies, as well as OTC bonds, IPOs, rights issues, unique wholesale deals, and bespoke solutions to enhance investment returns and business growth.

Advisers should ask themselves: How diversified and adaptable is the platform to meet varied client needs?

The Future: Differentiation and Value Enhancement

Looking ahead, financial advisers face the challenge of differentiating their offerings in a market where capabilities are often similar. How can advisers ensure they are effectively servicing their largest and most valuable clients?

We emphasise four key areas to enhance business value:

  • Revenue: Leveraging models and building varied solutions across the client base.
  • Retention: Ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Revaluation of Earnings: Scaling through model portfolios.
  • Risk Reduction: Creating cleaner, more efficient businesses.

Access to opportunities is only valuable with the insight to capitalise on them. By providing both opportunities and insights, platforms like ours aim to help advisers stand out in a competitive landscape and ensure long-term success for their practices.

About Mason Stevens

Mason Stevens is a leading provider of integrated wealth platform technology that uniquely focuses on investor portfolio outcomes. More than just an administration platform, the innovative technology, paired with experienced investment specialist support, empowers advisers to deliver on their clients’ investment objectives via an unconstrained investment universe.

Established in 2010, the privately-owned firm has circa A$7.5 billion of assets on platform. Led by some of Australia’s most experienced finance and investment professionals, the company has over 80 staff nationally with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s known for its commitment to delivering advanced platform functionality, forming genuine partnerships with clients, and unlocking new growth opportunities for wealth practices.

To find out more about how we can help you grow and scale your wealth practice, visit: or contact us here.