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Mason Stevens Asset Management was established in 2010 to provide investors with access to professionally managed mandates and funds that are typically reserved for institutions and professional investors. Our clients include financial advisers, financial intermediaries, family offices and selected wholesale investors in the delivery of tailored investment solutions.


We have substantial experience in financial markets and across a range of asset classes including global fixed income, domestic equities and international equities.

Our process encourages robust debate, exchange of ideas and disciplined investment thesis development. We leverage the skills and expertise of the entire team to construct portfolios from the bottom up, but always with an understanding of the macro environment.

As partners and shareholders of the firm, our interests are fully aligned with clients.


Our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that investors should have the ability to invest anywhere in the world, and across all asset classes. We work closely with clients in the construction of global and domestic investment portfolios.

Subject to the constraints of each mandate, we look for value across all asset classes and markets. We seek out markets and sectors that offer compelling risk and return characteristics across the globe. We believe that this flexibility and reach has the potential to generate attractive risk adjusted returns over time.


A hallmark of our approach is transparency in our investment management. Our mandate solutions offer complete transparency of client holdings at all times with continual online access to view investments.

We undertake a disciplined investment management approach in the construction of investment portfolios.

Mason Stevens has comprehensive governance and risk oversight procedures in place.

Asset Management Team


Aaron Rayner

Head of Dealing

The Fund seeks to generate returns in excess of the RBA Cash Rate
(Benchmark) by 3.5% per annum after fees and expenses over a period of
3 – 5 years. The Fund seeks to do this by investing in fixed income securities
that are expected to deliver income and yield. There is no guarantee this
objective will be accomplished.

The Fund will typically invest in interest rate securities such as corporate debt, hybrid securities and structured debt securities including residential mortgage backed securities and asset backed securities.

Mason Stevens Asset Management aims to provide:

  1. Stable returns from fixed income securities;
  2. Dynamic investment management strategies to capture opportunities;
  3. Access to investment opportunities that are typically reserved for institutions and professional investors;
  4. Access to experienced investment professionals who will have also invested in this Fund

For the Key Risks associated with investing in the Fund refer to page 3 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

– Contribution Fee and Withdrawal Fee: Nil

– Management Fee: 0.64% p.a. of the net asset value of the Fund (NAV).

– Administration Expense: 0.21% p.a. of the NAV.

– Other Expense: Estimated to be 0.10% p.a. of the NAV.

– Buy/Sell Spread: 0.50% of the Current Unit Value (Buy) / 0.50% of the Current Unit Value (Sell).

For further information regarding the Key Features of the Fund refer to page 1 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

* Fees and costs are inclusive of GST

Investment Committee


Executive Chairman


Independent member

Responsible Entity: Mason Stevens Limited ABN 91 141 447 207

Investment Manager:  Mason Stevens Asset Management Pty Limited ABN 91 141 447 654

Prime Broker and Custodian: Deutsche Bank AG ARBN 064 165 162

Financial Auditor: Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd ACN 130 913 594

Administrator: FundBPO Pty Limited ABN 81 118 902 891

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The Mason Stevens Global ETF Model Portfolio (Model Portfolio) aims to outperform the MSCI World Net Total Return Index ($A) after fees and expenses by investing in an actively managed portfolio of ETFs. The ETFs can be denominated in any currency.

The Model Portfolio will generally form part of the international equity component of an investor’s investment portfolio and may be suitable for investors seeking to generate returns through investing in international equities over a period of 3-5 years.


Mason Stevens Asset Management manages the Model Portfolio in association with State Street Global Advisors.

The role of State Street Global Advisors is provide the investment team with global tactical asset allocation and, through its quantitative models, generate trade ideas for sectors, regions and currencies. Investments in the Model Portfolio will be selected and managed according to a risk management process designed to deliver a balance between risk and return.

– Diversification with international asset exposure

– Access the global expertise of both Mason Stevens and State Street Global Advisors

– A disciplined and targeted approach to investing in ETFs with a rigorous risk management process

– Assists in managing the complexities of country, sector and currency exposures

– Cost effective

– Relatively simple to access

For the key risks, refer to Mason Stevens Global ETF Model Portfolio Factsheet.

– Management fee – 0.66% p.a. calculated daily and charged monthly in arrears. Note that fees may also be charged by each underlying ETF

– Transaction costs – 0.55% of the value of each transaction

– Administration and custody fee – 0.275% p.a. on balances up to $1,000,000. 0.055% p.a. on the portion of the balance above $1,000,000. Calculated daily and charged monthly in arrears.

– Account service fee – $165 p.a. charged monthly in arrears (or on termination).

– Advisor fees – Fees may also be agreed between the investor and their adviser.

* Fees and costs are inclusive of GST

Investment Manager: Mason Stevens Asset Management Pty Limited ABN 91 141 447 654

Portfolio Advisor: State Street Global Advisors, Australia Limited ABN 42 003 914 225

MDA Operator: Mason Stevens Limited ABN 91 141 447 207



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Fixed income is essential for clients whose risk profile is defensive, conservative or balanced, as it can help to mitigate risk and capital losses in a diversified portfolio whilst providing higher returns than term deposits.  Contact us for more information.

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